Blood donation is among the most humane acts that cannot and should not be valued in money!

Every day, because of accidents, surgeries, childbirths and various diseases more than 500 people in Bulgaria have a life-saving need for blood and blood products. These can be obtained ONLY through DONATION OF BLOOD!

Regular voluntary and non-remunerated blood donation is the foundation for providing the necessary quantities of high-quality safe blood.

According to the recommendations of the European Council, each country should cover its needs for blood and blood products. This is a fundamental principal, adopted by the civilized countries. Regrettably, the number of people that donate blood is severely insufficient.

Bulgaria ranks among the last countries in Europe with regards to blood donation. The number of donors is 21 per 1000 people, while the average for Europe is around 30 per 1000 people. In reality, though, the problem is far more serious, since voluntary blood donors are very, very few, because most people donate blood only if a relative or a friend needs it.

The decision is up to youblood has no substitute – donate blood – save life – this is priceless!!!