The 8th of May marks World Thalassaemia Day

The 8th of May marks World Thalassaemia Day. Thalassaemia is a rare, inherited, genetic disorder of the blood that exists in three forms – minor, intermedia and mayor. Since their birth, the organism of people suffering from the severe form, known as Beta-Thalassaemia Major, Cooley’s Anemia or Mediterranean Anemia cannot produce the sufficient quantities of hemoglobin, which leads to severe anemia. The only possible treatment is a life-supporting therapy through transfusion of erythrocyte mass every 20-25 days. Erythrocyte mass is a blood product – red blood cells, extracted from whole blood, which, when transfused, provides the organism with the missing hemoglobin.

Out of the standard unit of whole blood – 450 ml. taken from each blood donor, after removing other components, about 250 ml. are pure erythrocyte concentrate – red blood cells that can be transfused to a patient with Thalassaemia Major. It is extremely important to be transfused only red blood cells, or there is a risk that the body’s circulatory system will be overloaded.

In Bulgaria there are over 240 registered patients with Thalassaemia Major, at an average age of 20-25 years. Every one of them, at least once a month, needs blood transfusion to live. Blood has no substitute and the only way to provide the necessary treatment for these people is blood donation – the regular blood donation, because they do not need blood today – they need blood all the time – for the rest of their lives…

The Bulgarian Organization of Voluntary Blood Donation joins the campaign for World Thalassaemia Day, since the lack of blood is a life-threatening problem for patients suffering from Thalassemia Major and because we belief that awareness and information about the problems is the key for their resolution.

It is easy to help – just consider how fortunate you are to be able to help and, if your health permits, become a REGULAR VOLUNTARY BLOOD DONOR and be happy that you can donate life!

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