BOVBD and the charity project „Together in diversity“ in the broadcast „Healthy“


As a part of the information campaign on the project „Together in diversity“, the three ladies that are the faces of the project were guests in the broadcast „Healthy“ in SKAT TV on 12.03.2013 and discussed the problems that patients with rare diseases Aniridia, Pulmonary Hypertension  and Thalassemia Major encounter  in Bulgaria, as well as the problems arising from the lack of blood for the health system in the country.

In his studio the host of the program Ph.D. Hristo Deianov hosted Gergana Iordanova, President of the “Aniridia – Bulgaria” Association, Natalia Maeva, president of the “Bulgarian Society of People with Pulmonary Hypertension“ Association and Stefka Popova, president of  the „Bulgarian Organization of Voluntary blood donation“.

You can watch a recording of the broadcast here.

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