„Happy Baba Marta“ from Bulgarian Organization of Voluntary Blood Donation!!!


Every year on the 1st of March, as the old Bulgarian tradition dictates, Bulgarians symbolically welcome the coming of Spring and put on a “martenitza” made from twisted red and white wool thread on their clothes or wrists and wish each other health and happiness with the words “Happy Baba Marta”. The white wool in the “martenitza” stands for long life and the red one – for health and strength.

It is a tradition dating back for many centuries that symbolizes the end of Winter and the coming of Spring. The custom descends from the proto-Bulgarians when khans used to tie a “martenitza” on the members of their tribe for combat power, health and longevity.

Today the holiday is known, apart from Bulgaria, also in Romania, Greece, Macedonia and Serbia.

For the modern Bulgarians the “martenitza” is mostly a tradition and a symbolic wish for health and good luck. Once it was considered an amulet as it was believed that it protected people, cattle, houses and the entire family and stock from the “evil forces” of the Winter that is going away.

The “martenitza” is usually worn until a swallow, stork or a fruit tree in blossoms is seen. Then it is taken off and tied on a tree or on a bush.

People that are named Martha or Martin celebrate on this day.

Bulgarian organization of voluntary blood donation wishes you “Happy Baba Marta”, health, happiness and loads of luck!!!

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