December 5th – International Volunteer Day


On December 5th we celebrate The International Volunteer Day. For the first time the date has been officially celebrated in 1985 by initiative of the United Nations. The day is dedicated to the people who voluntarily help to improve the live of the vulnerable, needy and the entire society. The main purpose is to express respect and gratitude to the volunteers’ activity and efforts and increase public awareness on their contribution to society by giving a greater publicity to their actions, as well as to provoke more people to become volunteers and help.

Unfortunately, only 6% of Bulgarians participate in voluntary events, while in Europe the average percentage is 21. We hope that with joint efforts this number will increase.

Bulgarian organization of voluntary blood donation congratulates all volunteers! We are proud to be a part of you and we express our gratitude to everyone who shared his blood, labor, efforts and time as a part of the Community of the volunteers! Each and every one of you must know, that through your selfless acts in favor of others, you contribute for a better World! Thank you!