Emergency need for 0+ type blood in Varna


6-year-old Martin Galinov Zlatkov needs an emergency transfusion of O+ type blood! The boy is diagnosed with brain tumor and the transfusions are necessary for his treatment to continue! We call upon all of you to donate blood for Martin.

Please indicate that the blood you are donating is for Martin Galinov Zlatkov, a patient in „St. Marina“ Hospital – Varna on the donation receipt in the blood center! We ask all of you who have donated blood for Martin to send the numbers of the receipts to BOVBD (either through our contact form on our website, or as a message on our facebook page  – БОДК/BOVBD), so we can forward them to his relatives to be presented in the hospital!

You can find the addresses of the blood donation centers in the country here.

Please share this publication so it can reach more people!!! Thank you!!!