EMERGENCY NEED for AB+ type blood in Sofia


22-year-old Svetoslav Iordanov Stoilov from Pernik needs an emergency transfusion of AB+ type blood! The young man is suffering from lung cancer for the last two years. After a series of life-saving interventions in Tokuda Hospital-Sofia, now AB+ type blood is needed for his treatment to continue!

We ask all of you who can donate blood for Svetoslav to do so!!! In the donation receipt given in the blood center you have to specify that the blood is donated for Svetoslav Iordanov Stoilov, a patient in the oncology and hematology in Tokuda Hospital. We ask everyone who has donated blood for Svetoslav to send the numbers of the donation receipts to BOVBD (either through our contact form from our website, or as a message on our Facebook page – БОДК/BOVBD), so we can forward them to his relatives!

You can find the addresses of the blood donation centers in Sofia and the rest of the country here.

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