The life of a 32-year-old man is in danger because of lack of blood


Policemen have appealed to people from around the country to donate blood from the B – (negative) blood type. A son of a colleague of theirs – 32-year-old Momchil Rumenov Kostov has been injured in a car accident 15 days ago and has since been treated in the district hospital in Pleven.

According to the Chairman of the „Security“ Syndicate Alliance in the Ministry of Interior, in the first days after the accident a lot of friends and relatives have donated blood, but unfortunately two days ago the young man’s ulcer has started bleeding again, so more transfusions are necessary. Doctors can’t guarantee that they will be able to save the man’s life and his blood type is very rare and the hospital does not have the necessary quantities of it.

When donating, a receipt is filled out and it has to be indicated that the blood is for Momchil Rumenov Kostov, a patient in the district hospital in Pleven.

Today it is the serious condition of the son of their colleague. Tomorrow it can be anyone… DONATE BLOOD!!!

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