EMERGENCY NEED for the rare AB-negative blood for 26-year-old Denimir Velchev from Gabrovo!


EMERGENCY NEED for АВ-negative blood for 26-year-old Denimir Velchev from Gabrovo. The boy suffers from a rare for of liver tumor, diagnosed 3 years ago, his condition suddenly deteriorated, his hemoglobin levels have dropped severely and his life is in danger! There is absolutely no blood from this rare type in the hospital in Gabrovo and according to preliminary information for the stabilization of the patient at least 4 or 5 units will be required.

Anyone who has this blood type and wishes to donate blood for Denimir can do this in Gabrovo, or in the Blood Center in Plever or the hospital in Veliko Tarnovo. When donating you must specify that the blood is donated for Denimir Velchev, hospitalized in the hospital in Gabrovo. You may contact his sister – Vencislava Velcheva on phone no. 0884 642692!

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