Emergency need for AB negative blood for the 19-year-old Blagoi Borislavov Borislavov!!!


Blagoi Borislavov has been injured in an incident in Lobosh dam. The young man was severely cut up by a boat propeller while swimming. He is in the hospital in Pernik where he underwent a life-saving intervention. Currently he is on controlled respiration and his life is still in danger. He needs blood transfusion of the rare AB negative blood type.

Bulgarian Organization of Voluntary Blood Donation urges all of you, who can help, to donate blood from this extremely rare blood type. We ask all donors to contact the boy’s mother – Boiana Borislavova on the following phone numbers – 0896621028 or 0890458440!

We ask you all to share this publication so it can reach the largest number of people possible!!! Thank you!!!