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The process of blood donation | БОДК

Before donating blood you would be required to fill in a declaration for your health condition int he form of a questionnaire (with questions about previous illnesses, medication intake, journeys abroad, etc.).

You will be examined by a doctor, who will assess whether donating blood could endanger your health and if the blood you donate is safe for the future recipient.

You need to have your ID Card with you.

Do not worry and just answer the questions honestly.

Blood will be drawn from your finger so that blood type and hemoglobin level tests can be performed.

The donation itself is performed in one go, with the amount of blood being donated limited to 450 ml. 63ml. of special solution that supports the life of blood cells is preent in the bank sachet where the blood is collected. That ensures that the blood and its compounds would maintain their medical qualities for up to 36 days. The entire procedure takes about 40 minutes.

After donating blood it is advisable not to take part in heavy activities and to increase your intake of liquids and foods with a higher energy value.

Blood donation is beneficial for the donor too since it stimulates the process of renewal of the blood cells and increases the resistance capabilities. About a day after donating, the quantity of the blood drawn is made up by your body. About three to four weeks after the donation the quality of the renewed blood is completely compensated and after eight weeks you can donate blood again without any need of taking medication or specialized food.

Blood centers ensure the safety of both donors and recipients. All consumables used in the process are individual, sterile and are disposed of immediately after their use. The blood you donate is examined for AIDS, hepatitis type B and C, syphilis and other diseases. Should a test for any of these illnesses turns out to be positive, you will be informed personally and your blood will not be used. A week after donating blood you can receive the results of your blood tests and learn your blood type.