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Prerequisites for blood donation | БОДК

In order to become a blood donor, you need to be:

– in good general health;

– sui juris;

– aged between 18 and 65;

– with minimal hemoglobin levels of  – 135 g/l. for men and 125 g/l. for women;

– weighing more than 50 kg.

Donation is permitted for up to five times per year for men and four times per year for women, with an interval between two donations of at least eight weeks.

In the two or three days prior to donation it is advisable that you eat regularly and take on food with a higher energy value and diverse composition, because that way you would increase the quality of the donated blood and the resistance of your organism.

Drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day.

For the donation itself do not go on an empty stomach and be well rested.