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Become a regular blood donor | БОДК

Our main goal is for people to understand that the problem with shortage of blood and lack of enough voluntary blood donors affects almost everyone! Every second person encounters a need for blood for himself or for a relative or friend of his at least once in his life. The idea is that we don’t get reminded of this only when we are pressed by the need. Every day because of accidents, surgeries, giving birth and many illnesses, more than 500 people in Bulgaria have a life-saving need for blood and blood products, that can be obtained ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY through BLOOD DONATION! The regular, non-remunerated, voluntary blood donation is the basis for providing the necessary quantities of safe blood.

Bulgaria is in one of the last places in Europe when it comes to donating blood, with the number of blood donors being a mere 22 per 1000 people. In reality, however, the problem is even more severe, since out of those only about 25% are real, voluntary donors, since most people donate blood only for their relatives and friends that have a need. Paid blood donation is illegal in most civilized countries. Here it is allowed only by exception and, as you might suspect, it does not include the illegal blood traders that siege the blood donation centers in the country and racketeer the relatives of those in need. It is a Worldwide practice that the need for blood is covered entirely by voluntary blood donors, since this is the way regarded by the specialists and officially recognized by the World Health Organization as the safest way. Voluntary blood donors help without compensation, without being pressed by need and circumstances; without receiving money, and therefore without any interest to hide facts that would prevent them from becoming donors and because of which they might lose the price that they put on their blood. And hiding such facts endangers not only the health of the donor, but also the life of the recipient of the blood…

Blood donation is one of the most humane acts that cannot and should not be evaluated in money. Currently, human blood has no substitute and this makes it priceless! We are not going to convince you why you should become voluntary blood donors, because we believe that each and every one should find the reason within himself; everyone has to do it because he or she wants to do it and believes that it is right, and not because someone else convinced them, or because a relative or friend is in need and the hospital requests donors… Noone will judge you, if you do not want to become a blood donor, but if you do it you will help save human life…

Support the cause of voluntary blood donation! THANK YOU!!!

The decision is yours – blood has no substitute – donate blood – save life – this is priceless!!!