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Official start of the „Dari kruv“ project | БОДК
Official start of the „Dari kruv“ project


On a press-conference held at the BTA press-club on April 18th, Bulgarian Organization of Voluntary Blood Donation (BOVBD) announced the official start of the „Dari kruv“ (Donate Blood) project, aimed at promoting and facilitating voluntary blood donation and helping those in need of blood. The project is unique with the launch of the application „Darikruv“ – the first of its kind, developed by our partners from „Digimark” Ltd., that is available for free for all iPhone users, as well as through the BOVBD website.

The application has two main functionalities, that are interlinked. On one side, it is aimed at everyone who is a voluntary blood donor or wishes to become one. After a quick and easy filling of a short registration form in the section „Pomogni“ (Help), which provides basic data about the user. each registered user will be added to the database of those who wish to donate blood. That way they will receive information about upcoming blood collection drives, as well as specific calls for emergency need for blood. The application allows to receive messages about blood drives in a specific city, as well as about a concrete need for blood that correspond to the registered profile (i.e. ones that match the registered blood type and location) with priority.

On the other side, the application is very useful to those who seek blood donors either for themselves or their friends – due to a regular need, an upcoming surgical procedure, an illness or an accident. In order to register an appeal for help. it is enough to fill in a short registration form in the „Pomogni mi“ (Help me) section, in which information about the person in need, as well as a telephone number for contact and confirmation is provided. After the appeal is registered in the application, potential donors (ones who have been registered in the system and match the requested blood type and location) will receive a notification that in their town there is a request for blood donors with their blood type.

In addition to the main functions, the „Darikruv“ application offers all registered voluntary blood donors a convenient calendar, which helps for easy tracking of blood donations and their planning, and, we hope, the development of a „habit“ for regular donation of blood. The up-to-date information about blood collection campaigns that are ongoing or upcoming, as well as the specific appeals for donation will be available anywhere and at any moments and will allow for maximum efficiency in finding the necessary donors. In addition every user will have constant access to important and useful information about blood donation, offered through the BOVBD website – www.bgblood.org, including the rperequisites and contradictions for donating blood, addressess and contact details for blood centers in the country and so on. The “Darikruv” application is available completely free for all iPhone users in Apple Store. The ambitions of the partners in the project are to develop the application for Android smartphones too if additional funding is found.

You can also download the application by scanning the following QR code:

What we hope to achieve with the „Dari kruv” project is to promote voluntary blood donation by facilitating people who are potential donors and supporting people who need blood by showing them that they are not alone and it is not just their own problem, that there are people who are concerned and who are willing to help. We also want to counteract against the illegal trade of blood and speculate with the misfortune of the ones in need and their relatives. We believe that through the „Darikruv” application together we can change the reality in Bulgaria, because in fact the need for blood donors can be announced in mere minutes, literally from the doctor’s office and it will reach directly those who have already expressed their willingness to help. We are certain that in this way finding the necessary blood donors will be much faster, easier and more efficient.

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